First steps

You have an idea for a musical project something concrete directly related to your business: delivering concert tour, festival appearances, issuing a CD, another …
However, as is usual for classical musicians in our country do not have the means to do it and spend weeks, months, years, only in dreams and hopes (finally lost) …
Post some tips that may help you if you want it really.

This may seem obvious to a fault, but is the first step to success if you want it real. The exact parameters of your idea, a clear concept as to why you want to, will lead you to the right people, to whom to turn for attention !: never say “help” and support, complicity in your idea.
People who would finance idea or project would pay attention to your specific idea about a particular event, but not when it comes to simply “find money and sponsorship composition us because we are amateurs.

This is useful because when we have something in black and white, is much easier to clean his own concept on exactly what and how we want it and exactly WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR FUNDING. If you do not possible to post written in 25 words, maybe your project funding is too vague for yourselves and for your potential sponsors. People who will spend money on your project, you will want to have before my eyes a brief description of the project (idea) you to be able to understand what is all about and what exactly they want to participate, supporting you, ie giving you money.

There are a lot of different ways to finance activities that are legal and possible, projects for funding the arts at the state and municipal institutions, and private charities for funding, incl. Projects foundations or other types of financing for the development of your business. (There finance possible business and bank loans, but as they say, is another beer ..).

To find their financing, best search the Internet. Make a list of all possible financing funds and check the criteria and requirements – some of them can fund only specific items or people in the arts that do not concern you (eg. Second session Mobility Programme for 2011. Ministry of Culture supports only professional cultural workers, ie automatically excluded community centers and amateur groups). There are cultural programs to municipalities, which finance activities targeted to children associated with art, Roma or people with disabilities. All this must first check before choosing your fund.

Read very carefully several times how the requirements to be completed forms and what information they want from you. Make sure you understand what is required to write in any particular field of the form. If you have doubts or questions, best leave blank on its head, and make a phone call and ask! Departments are required to explain you everything in its forms !!!

Also note any additional documents that you are required to apply and the number of copies that have to give them also, including whether the requirements they have to be certified or not.

You have to make time planning for the project, so as to complete it in time. Most errors occur when you do everything at the last moment. It is important to know (check) that have funds which finance only new projects. This means that your project should not be started its implementation at the time of applying for funding. Make sure that your project deadlines coincide with the criteria of the institution and also they can actually be met! Remember that after winning project will sign a contract with the financing your organization (company). If the contract between you and the funders there are discrepancies, you will not be funded or it can make you subsequently return the money.